Direct Mail & Unaddressed Mail

Direct Marketing and Unaddressed Mail

We understand that one of the major challenges for a business is to effectively market and communicate to its current and potential customers. Staying current, increasing efficiency and developing unique ideas to reach your customers are all important factors. What if you could increase sales, increase your ROI, increase your efficiency?

As Canada Post preferred partners, we can handle a postal mailing for you with our full service bulk mailing program.

  • Target specific geographical areas
  • Sell direct to your customers
  • Have the security of knowing Canada Post is delivering your mail
  • We handle the printing, packaging and postal setup
  • Enjoy a reduced postage rate

Utilize the power of variable data. Customize a admail piece or lettermail to your customers. Make a unique piece that allows you to control your advertising and speak directly to your target audience.

  • Add customer names and contact information
  • Include photos or data that is specific to them
  • Reduce time and increase efficiency while making a piece that stands out among regular mail