Bound Products


Saddlestitch Book
This booklet is an example of a saddlestitched booklet. This technique uses two staples along the spine to bind it. This binding can be used to make selfcovered booklets, in which the cover and contents are on the same stock; it can also make a plus cover booklet, where the cover is on thicker stock.

Coil Bound

Coil Book
Coil-bound booklets are punched along the left side, then a plastic coil is inserted through the holes and closed. This design enables the booklet to lay flat and the pages can
rotate 360°. These booklets typically have a clear plastic front cover and thicker back cover, making them more durable.

Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound Books
Perfect binding is widely used because it offers a professional, sophisticated look with high visual appeal. Perfect bound books are created using melted glue that is strong yet flexible, and they have a rectangular spine. This style is a popular binding method for paperback/softcover books, magazines, and catalogs.