4 Tips for Using Your Sidewalk Sign to Drive More Sales

As long as there have been storefronts, owners have been trying to entice customers to enter with sidewalk signs. Some efforts have been more successful than others at driving sales. Here is why and what you can do to increase your sales with sidewalk signs.

Why You Have Sidewalk Signs

When you have a great sidewalk sign outside of your Burnaby establishment, you entice customers to check out the activity going on inside. Instead of passing your storefront and not blinking twice, a sidewalk sign forces them to take a quick glance. That might be all it takes to welcome a boatload of new customers into your space. That being said, all sidewalk signs are not the same. Having the right sidewalk sign will generate more in-store business and increase foot traffic. These are four tips for using your sidewalk signs effectively.

Don’t Be Boring

Use your sidewalk signs to demonstrate your uniqueness and creativity! Instead of just listing your daily specials, try using interactive elements and humour to entice pedestrians. When you use printing services, you can even include pictures and various graphics!

Include Your Business’ Name

You might think that it is obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to add their business name on sidewalk signage! If you don’t include your business name, despite displaying a sign outside your business, you have no idea how much potential business you’re missing out on. Pro tip: keep your sign less cluttered by including your business name at the top of the sign!

Don’t go Overboard

When you try to include too much on one sign, you risk messages becoming too complex to understand. Instead of jamming as much as you can onto one sign, split up your content and enjoy unique sign variety! Keep each sign concise, light, fun, and direct. Know who you are talking to and stick with it.

Quality Matters Most

When you put effort and care into creating your sign, you demonstrate that you care about your business. Potential customers will be more likely to stop in if you can convey your level of care in external signage. Working with a professional team like Minuteman Printing in Burnaby will ensure you display excellent sign quality.

Start enticing more customers with awesome sidewalk signage from Minuteman Press located in Burnaby! Our team will work with you to drive your storefront sales and traffic through the roof! Get your next project started today with a free phone call and consultation.